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The forehead lift operation addresses the sagging of the eyebrow and forehead that is often seen in the early thirties and is one of the earliest signs of aging. The drooping of the eyebrows causes the need for the forehead muscles to become overactive in order to raise the eyebrows to a more youthful position which in turn causes the development of horizontal and vertical forehead lines and wrinkles. People with forehead or brow drooping often complain that their eyes appear to be getting smaller and that they have a tired or angry expression on their face. The brow or forehead drooping is often greatly improved with a forehead lift or a brow lift operation.


Dr Roham prefers endoscopic forehead lifts as opposed to the traditional forehead lifts or coronal lift that create a long incision across the forehead or in the scalp which in turn results in a raised hairline or a visible scar at the hair line. Endoscopic surgery is a technique that allows visualization of surgical sites not readily accessible through a distant tiny incision using a camera telescope. The endoscopic forehead lift is a minimally invasive procedure that avoids many of the pitfalls of the traditional forehead lift with less complications, scarring and a quick return to work.

As an experienced Orange County cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Roham performed his endoscopic forehead lift through small inconspicuous incisions in the scalp hair. The forehead is freed starting at the hairline down to the eyebrows. Next the muscles creating the wrinkles and frown lines are released with electro-cautery. Finally after complete release of all the forehead and brow attachments, the brow and forehead are pulled up to the desired position and fixed with sutures. Additionally, note that no forehead skin is removed. Dr. Roham will wrap your forehead to minimize swelling and bruising. A thin tube may be present to drain any excess blood or fluid that may collect under the skin. Between 7-10 days, any sutures or clips will be removed and you will be ready to return to work and normal activity. The endoscopic forehead lift can be performed at the same time with a facelift or eyelid lift operation.


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