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Dr. Tim Roham strives to help all patients achieve their ideal physique. He is pleased to provide a number of breast surgery procedures to help all women feel confident in the appearance of their breasts. Learn more about the breast procedures offered at Advanced Laser & Cosmetics.

Breast Augmentation

Breast-Augmentation Breast enhancement can make any woman feel more feminine, beautiful, and confident. Breast enhancement or augmentation improves the size, shape, symmetry and contour of your breasts. The shape, size and the feel of your breast may have always bothered you or may just have changed due to weight loss, pregnancy and breast…
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Breast Fat Transfer

Breast-FatBreast fat transfer procedure removes fat from a woman’s unwanted waist or thigh area and transfers it to their breasts. Breast fat Injection creates very natural and beautifully enhanced breasts. Fat grafting to the breasts can be used as an as an alternative to implants for breast augmentation. Breast fat injection can also be…
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Breast Lift

Breast-LiftA breast lift or a Mastopexy is a procedure that helps reshape and lift sagging breasts due to weight loss, pregnancy, and breast feeding. During a breast lift procedure, Dr. Roham tailors the skin of the breast to elevate it while reducing the size of a stretched out areola which is the colored skin around the nipple. It is important to note that a breast lift involves placing incisions and scars on the breasts and the droopier…
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Breast Veins

Breast_vein_smallBreast and chest veins can be visually distracting and aesthetically unpleasant to a women. The breast veins generally become prominent and noticeable during or following puberty, pregnancy, after breast augmentation, or during sudden weight gain.
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Male Breast Liposuction

MALE-Beast-LiposuctionGynecomastia also called male breasts is an abnormal development of mammary glands in males which results in breast enlargement. Gynecomastia has various types including saggy and fatty breasts, puffy nipples, and asymmetric/unilateral gynecomastia. Male breast is a common condition that occurs physiologically in neonates and adolescent males around the time of puberty; however it is not commonly seen in adults…
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